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About us

  • Literary, Technical & Scientific Certified Senior English ⁄ Spanish Translators
  • Working professionally in the Translation Industry since 2003
  • Trusted by many Translation firms from around the world
  • International Memberships

Fields of expertise

  • Medicine
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Healthcare
  • Business / IT

Magdalena Gastaldi

Literary, Technical and Scientific English-Spanish Translator (degree dated December 2003, granted by Instituto Superior No 28 “Olga Cossettini”, Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina,

Licensed by Colegio de Traductores; Province of Santa Fe (

Mónica Belén Colacilli

Literary, Technical and Scientific English-Spanish Translator (degree dated March 2003, granted by Instituto Superior Pago de los Arroyos,

Post Graduate Studies in English-Spanish Translation (National University of Rosario,

Licensed by Colegio de Traductores; Province of Santa Fe (

Some of our clients say…

We have been working with MO-MA Translations for over five years now and are always impressed with their service. No matter how challenging is the project or how tight is the deadline, they always find ways to accommodate the requirements and fully satisfy their client. The translations of excellent quality, thoroughly checked by a second linguist and polished to perfection, are always returned on or before the deadlines. We could not be happier with the services MO-MA Translations provide and would gladly recommend them to others who are looking for a reliable partner in a very competitive translation industry.

Olena Polissky Art One Translations

We have worked with Mónica and Magdalena for years. They are very reliable and if they can’t commit to a due date, they will let us know (which allows us to properly plan the project). Because of how they work, they are able to tackle large projects quickly and with good quality. Very pleased with their work in general.

Ricardo Castro PM at US translation agency

Mónica and Magdalena are two highly specialized linguists, offering a fast, efficient and reliable service. Working as as a team, they are able to cover high volumes on short deadlines. We´ve been working with MOMA for a long time, and we certainly look forward to our next project together!

Marisol Lieve Owner Comunika Translations

I had the pleasure to count with Monica and Magdalena in several Translations projects.

I am delighted they are formalizing this new plan of MOMA.

I wish, truly, all the very success to them….not only for the excellence and expertize that I am sure they will provide to their clients, but also for persistence and courage they have in striving and in meeting new challenges.

They will add value, count with them!”

Translator Florencia Pieroni PM at Argentinian DTP/Translation agency

Very reliable team of translators always delivering on time and with good quality.

Prompt response and very good communication within the projects.

I highly recommend their services.

Dr. Villalobos Translation Services Owner